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I run a secret propaganda Aren't we all hiding pieces of broken anger

Dates are set for my trip ^_^ May 9th to June 10th. Shopping around saved me a whole grand o_o I don't know if the place I found was very cheap of if everyone else was a ripoff?
What? I cant book hotels until 2 month in advance? :/ Ill have to wait to plan things. Im arriving in Kansai and out from Narita, so I think I will be able to visit everyone ^_^
I turn 24 tomorrow... how old is that?
Thank you so much Clarice ^_^ After hours of browsing... I ended up picking Chihiro's My Armour ^__^
As for Karaoke on the long weekend, who is comming?
I am gonna try to learn Agitator >_< They better have it... most places do.
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