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I love you, Chul-Soo~

2007 Already? Was I suppose to accomplish something by now? Everyone seems to be going in all directions. Some are in a hurry to get married and the usual events thereafter... others hope to make a certain salary figure by a certain age... Is that all it takes to make some people happy? is 23-24 really that old for some people?
If I am to review the past year I would say that I am very proud and think that I have completely found myself. Somewhat bold to say for something that most say is a life long journey... but why do people think its so hard?
Everyone knows their faults, their strengths and their own feelings about anything. If you can beat the faults out with honest effort and are willing to suffer for it... then it can be overcome. If you cant do that... then ask yourself why...
If its just laziness... then kick your own ass until you get off of it. A resolution for a new year wont change a thing. If something needs to be done or changed it should start the moment you see the problem... yuh, the year before was procrasination.
Then there are fault's you actually DON'T want to change about yourself. Just accept it as your own characteristic! Just be honest about yourself and don't change something just for everyone else's sake if its not in you to change yourself.
My goals are the very same as those I've had for the past 2 years. So I must have found something, huh?
Everyone should get this Music Video ^__^ It has amused me for 3 whole days ^___^
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