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No One Gets Away, No One Tries

To sum up the past months: I have been looking for a place to live because my parents are selling the house. This has been of course impossible...
But in any case I am moving out with my little bro to an apartment neat heritage... so all is good. My little bro has been gone for a month and I was living completely alone and I must say... I miss it :/ Living away from parents this past year somehow made me a clean freak? or just conscience... It now annoys me to hell having my bro back and leaving messes >__< Id prolly live alone if it wasnt so damn expensive...
Work is the same... I hate working most of the day, but am greatfull what I have pays well and is very easy and I can just listen to music all day >_< and half my co-workers are deserving to be fired for half a year now... so it feels very secure. nonetheless working in an office for the rest of my life is NOT for me.
I have packed 2 boxes so far, that which I consider to be most important. Its all stuff I havnt looked at for ages but need to have. Art given to me in highschool, pictures and books from half a decade ago. Even a mysterious blue floppy diskette who's content I've forgotten. I've had such good friendships long ago, and theres no denying that they are so much lesser now. But this is true with everyone as they grow through this part of life. Ive been very pessimistic most of my life becuase of how I saw adults live...
No, it does not look any brighter the closer I get.
XenoSaga III is comming out in a few days and I cannot wait to indulge into that ^__^ I really want to hear the soundtrack >___<
I have a large sum of money saved up that was meant for a month excursion to Japan. But Maybe its better to not work for perhaps 3 months and sit infront of my Motif during that time. Then again... I did promise Barbara and being lost in such a densely populated and beautiful place is some of the most fun one can have ^__^ Maybe I can see Iori and Kana again? Maybe this is the last opportunity to go there that I will ever have? But to not see my GF and play piano for a month? Lipton Milk Tea ;___;
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