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Just An update to inform everyone that I am still alive. All is well and am happy.
Writing is a snail
Work is an ipod playlist
Summer is today and ever comming

Im so disconnected form the world, I have no idea what movies are playing, who finally released their new album, who america is conquring, and where my friends are now. but its ok cuz im in a much smaller world and its much easier to take care of everything.
I do have to move out in a few weeks X_X it seems finding a place in Calgary is very difficult this year... My parents somehow amassed a HUGE debt throughout their lives that we just a few months ago found out about... They need to sell our house that my brothers and I live in... Thats ok... but they are really trying to drag us into it... I knida just want to cut loose... They can move to Europe, Ill be here and we can write letters every once in a while...
Is that wrong? Sound cruel?
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