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On top of the world you get nothing done

May as well update this month too.
doing another 6 months at Bell... if it lasts that long. Things are not going well and we are doing things in a quick and messy way starting tomorrow to catch up. Should be interesting... but im not surprised we ended up here... stand up and your guaranteed to see half the people watching movies on their computers instead of working. Its sad how little i feel im doing/ care about work, and yet, im somehow doing more... Then again I dont have friends there or talk to anyone... so theres nothing to do but work and listen to music.
I went a a mini cd spree last week. I caught up on kmfdm, vnv and placebo. Placebo's new cd just came out. Its the best theyve done and just awsome. After all bands relasing horrible albums of late, im glad not all are lost. Everyone get Meds! but perhaps download it. It cannot be ripped by any method I know... I had to record it to get it onto my ipod :/ gasp?!!?!? does this mean record that labels in even the slightest have damaged piracy?!?!?!? nono downloads can be found everywhere (please visit your local bit torrent)... its just the people buying the cd that need to worry of these protections X_x
Other then that its all the same. anyone want to see a movie over the weekend? i get friday off cuz christians rule the work world ^___^
Im nearly done learning Boarderline, and am picking up nephilim and think i can take on one more of the next few months. any reccomendation? something harder but not insane/classic >_<
As usually nothing original done.
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