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Talking trash to the garbage around you...

Holidays are over and only work in the horizon :/ New Years was fun, we should hang out more.

I dont like living here :/ My bros and room mate are all careless and lazy. they dont clean aftr themselves, dont think about the things they do and over all just dont really care -_- This place may burn down, fall apart, get robbed or something due to stupid mistakes. -_-
Life seems messy at the moment...
Amy! I got the package ^_^ thank you so much. I love it
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^___^ Yay~! We hoped you might. I have a handful of random flyers, but I figured you would have probably picked them up while you were there?
I treasure my jrock flyers >_

Deleted comment

does he have anything else similar to this? Ive heard random songs of his, and it seems hit and miss for me
Life seems messy at the moment...



It sucks that your brothers don't take what they have seriously. Owning a house is a large responsibility and if you don't keep it up the property value will not only plummet, the repair bill for when you need to fix/clean everything will be staggering.

Why don't people plan for the future and have the foresight for these things... it's mind boggling?

Maybe they are treating life like a game and like to play it on "Nightmare" difficulty.
I for one have little sight for the future, cuz then one is just so much more screwed when it doesnt turn out how its planned. I think learning to be adaptive and able to make best of the current situation is so much better. Thats no excuse for nottaking care of a home though X_X
Interesting. I've tried to stay away from an ad hoc existence and planned things for myself. This modus operandi seems to have worked well for me so far.

Mind you I am not exclusively a single plan person as that introduces a single point of failure. Perhaps the best is a hybrid blend of an ad hoc existence and a planned one. For example you craft your plans with multiple paths which take into account potential failures and liabilities, and should the master plan not come to fruition you adapt with another plan and resolve the shortcoming.

That aside, best wishes in helping your brothers see their failures. I hope that they shape up soon.