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Hard to hold, cold to touch, fall to pieces, treat the rush in hindsight...

It seems like some people keep a journal here! I came to find some long lost pictures, but I've had no luck.

My last entry seemed to be right before I went back to school. As his future self, I will give him an update about the coming 3 years.

First of all, you will rock at computer science. Somehow you managed to get on the dean's list every single semester and will rake in a few scholarships along the way. You pulled ahead of almost everyone in your class and helped a few people on the way. Surprising, isn't it considering your were usually getting 60-70 all of your life. I guess is actually pretty easy when you care about it. You know those horrible jobs you've had dealing with customers or repetitive data entry? NO MORE. The last couple of years I have been programming and it is SOO much more interesting and rewarding.

However you pretty much gave up piano. I think your were working on While Your Lips are still Red... yeah, I still don't know it. You have not lost it all but I have squandered all of that hard work you put it. Sorry, just no time for it. Those pianos are still sitting there and perhaps I will sit at them again to play. You were certainly a better person then I for keeping it up for so long.

You meet new friend along the way, many that are MUCH younger then you since you got to a career decision so late. All good, they made school fun and memorable. I had to be hard on some that looked like they were wasting their time here. Perhaps some feelings were hurt but I think they ended up better for it in the end. Many are a year or more behind, but at least they did not drop out completely.

You will hear much less from the people you know now. You know how it goes, they get involved in new people and work and simply drift away. it happens slowly in steps: First you see that you simply don't go out to see them often, then chatting and commenting also slows down. At this point it is noticeable and you try to set up dates to dinners and movies or just hang out, but they usually get canceled at the last minute and then the indefinite busy. You are still connected to them through Facebook and such (yeah, thats still going strong) but sad truth is that they are not the same people. BTW Neither am I.

You will be happy to hear that you still don't drink. Beer still smells like piss and amount of money you saved not "getting shit-faced" probably was used to sustain your rental agreement and tuition while no working during school. You got drunk once in Germany though, but it's ok, nothing happened. Err... or did I do it all wrong?

You also still don't drive. Good, because your environmental footprint is thus lesser then that of most Canadians. In any case, people seem to use them as a crutch. My health and shape is relatively good, considering I sit in-front of a computer 50% of my day. Yeah... all those fresh from high school friend you got? You outperform them in everything at the gym! Lazy bums >:D

I'm not sure If I eased the decision you made or freaked you out. There is good and bad news here and I will be honest, I envy you in many ways. You were artistic and interesting. Obviously you don't even have much to say in a journal, or Facebook. I hope the guy from 3 years in the future has better things to say to me.

OH and this is important. FFXIII just sucked. Don't get it, it will destroy your last shred of childhood.
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