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Bad day, I say "C'est bon"

Last updated 100 weeks ago!
I'll leave it at that. Most of the people I've LJed with do not use it anymore. But I still read everyday for those of you that do.
I would not think to share so much with about my life to the general public. I hear how it causes trouble at times as two of you recently told me. Yes you can select an limited audience... but that seems to cause even more trouble if it gets out, right?

Here's what's new with me:

Work life sucks, I'm going to school. An ever-changing environment is important and this comfy decent job does not provide that. Will this always be an issue? I hope so.

Music life is still in me. I won't give this up and do not regret the amount of time and money invested. I've expanded to some synthy music since I've got a Nord Wave. I'm also looking into organ, anyone know any good pieces I could try?
I wish I could sing :/

Social life: I wish everyone I know here would find more time to hang out. Yeah everyone is busy with work or whatever, and it seems that it will always be like that. Is that that okay? From now till you die? Our older counterparts have fewer friends and I can see why. Please try harder for everyone in your life. And LJ, MSN and Facebook is not enough.

Love life: Lots of short term stuff only. My heart's not in it.

Parklife: Is a blur song. I have been into UK music recently. Checked out John Lennon last... hmm... I find it over-hyped?
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