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the dying moon compels the arrogant seas, the deathless 'me of me' caught up in the tease...

My weekend was pretty good. Luvly sushi dinner on Friday, lots of sleep on Saturday and skiing on Sunday... well skiing kinda sucked it was very very windy and therefore not so enjoyable :/
I hit my hand on a tree while zooming down a single path~ed forest trail :/ I still cant fully move it yet :/
Well i should start planning my May trip. I wish someone would come too :/ Though I really want to try not to have any English conversation for the duration :/ I need some good practice. Its likely I will need a credit card? I hope they are easily cancel~able afterwards if its needed... They just seem to complicate everyones life.
My parents are moving to Europe in just a few weeks... however there is a 4 day period where they will have to live here before they move :/ I can see it being a nightmare already... my mother will wipe my Motif's memory clean and My dad whipping both Wii Controllers at my Wii System :/
Who will come for Karaoke this upcoming weekend?
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