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Doctors looking down at me, breaking every law of science... How'd I ever end up here?

Over a month since the last update. Whats there to write about? Im half awake from 5-7 and do nothing worth talking about. Work was ok until I got my synth... now its annoying and in the way of my life. Im not working for anything... i have no use for the money I have now... clothes? games? electronics? better food? In the end im not happy waking up anyday. Days are spent for months to come. Im suppose to be sitting infront of a keyboard composing 8 hours a day. After sitting infront of a computer for 8 hours, i dont want to be sitting anywhere anymore. I sometimes go running for my break cuz the stillness is draining.
And I will resign for another months. Why? Cause I have to. I will not find a part time job that will feed the bills. My lil bro has 2 part time jobs and is not doing too well. And you expect me to do this all my life? I find older people to be twisted by it. No spark anymore... over indulge and lack any care at all.
I will live as I do now for 6 months. Ill trip to tokyo after that I think. I would hope things to be created and things to change by then. To much is left to everyone elses control :/
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